The easiest way to make money with Young Living is by selling a Premium Starterkit to new Essential Oil Users.

You get upwards of a 35 Euro Bonus every time someone signs up to be a member and gets a Premium Starterkit with you as their enroller. This will vary and be less if the Premium Starter Kit is on sale.

When people in your downline (people you have enrolled) re-order you make a commission and if the people you enrol decide to sell oils, you get a commission on their sales too!

The Young Living commission structure has the potential to help you make a full-time income while being a stay-at-home mom or even replace your current salary. And it can even go beyond that! The key to success is hard work and dedication!

So what’s the plan?

To be honest, you can never sell enough kits to consistently hit Royal Crown Diamond (RCD) every month on your own. You would have to sell at least 2,110 kits every single month.

If you want to rank up past Executive you need to do the following…


Help sign up new members with Premium StarterKits


Teach your Premium StarterKit buyers how to use and love their oils and help get them on ER


Find businesses to join your enthusiasm and enroll new brand partners


Creating Business legs is Key to the success of your business

Some people have friends and family doing this business with them. Others like me, are doing it on their own and finding business builders with the people they sell Premium Starter Kits too.

Finding business legs is an important part of this business. Stepping out and being brave enough to talk about this business with others is where I see people fail in this business.

If you reach the level “Silver” in 6 months, you will get almost 2,000 Euros worth in free Young Living products

There are also other perks such as saving 24% off the retail price of all the Young Living products.

The advantages:
▶ Discount on shipping costs
▶ 1-3 months 10% loyalty discount
▶ 4-24 months 20% loyalty discount
▶ From 25 months 25% loyalty discount

Discount up to 49% in total!

More benefits:
▶ No strings attached, it can be stopped at any time
▶ No inventory,  extra costs or obligations
▶ Loyalty discount can be redeemed from the 3rd month.
▶ Setting a PV assist so that you do not fall below 50 PV.
▶ After 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months you get a free oil as a gift!


Of making money with Young Living

▶ You can help others

▶ You can earn a nice monthly income

▶ There are so many fun bonuses and extra gifts to earn. For example: If you reach the level “Silver” in 6 months you will get almost 2,000 Euros worth in free Young Living products. That’s insane isn’t it!

▶ You are your own boss

▶ You work the hours you want

▶ You don’t have to store stock at home

▶ You work at your own pace

▶Ideal for wellness, holistic and salon professionals such as yoga teachers, fitness trainers, nutrition coaches etc. to integrate in their business

You don’t need a degree, diploma or particular skills set however that doesn’t mean just anyone can make money with Young Living. Our OILS AND SO community can teach you all the skills you need to be successful!


If you’re wondering how it works once you decide to become a Brand Partner, I’ve got you covered.

Let me map out the first steps to becoming a Young Living Brand Partner and building the business of your dreams:

▹ The first step is to purchase a Premium Starter Kit via our website

▹ We will then get in contact with you and provide you with everything you need to create and grow your Young Living business.

FREE marketing tools
We will provide you with the marketing tools you need, help you with a plan to create income-producing activities, craft your own Young Living story, and plan a monthly schedule to help you meet your goals.

We all grow together, that’s why we created a business community. Where you can ask questions, get inspired and more!

Most importantly: YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE!

If you don’t have a good upline (the Young Living member who introduces you), you’re getting lost in the possibilities and you may not get the support you need. However, you are in good hands if you join our Oils and So Team. We are like family and will do whatever we can to help each other!

We would love to welcome you to our Oils & So team!


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