Hi and thank you for taking the time to read our lines and so blog!

We aim to write a blog regularly, so it might come in handy to know who is writing;
 my name is Maud, the founder of lines and so in order to share our passion for high-quality, natural (and where possible recycled) and functional products that can be used on a daily basis with the main focus to make everyone’s day just a little easier.

Well enough about us, without further ado let us introduce our two life companions and brand reps; Mila and Asco.
 Mila a ten year old Spanish mix-breed that joined our family as a rescue in 2013. She has a strong nose, tireless stamina, iron will and is oh so sweet but also a rebel from time to time. 

Asco a three year old pure breed Tamaskan that joined our family as a puppy in 2019. He is strong willed, behaving whenever suits him best, and not as energetic as most would expect at all. He however can change in a cannon ball that is running around like a headless chicken, completely ignoring whatever we are saying. The magic trick, a simple physical (leather) line between him and us.

These two, with both their very own personalities and behavior are an important part of our company, because we won’t sell what we cannot or wouldn’t use.

Interested in what we have to offer?

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